My Mindscape

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This Blog is my mindscape, my musings, my thoughts, my ramblings and my life. A mélange of the urban, regional, global, quirky, sedate, individual views on Life as I see it.. in and around Kolkata or my Calcutta… My India….A little reminiscence, a lot of observations…


A November Evening Musing

Ginger spiced hot tea wisps spiralling upwards waltzes with the crispy hot singara & nimki..the drizzle & deluge pirouettes.. the thunder applauds..the dripping leaves quiver, the dark puddles ripple, people hurry or huddle as Kolkata stretches languidly, drenched in the November rains.

Penned on 3rd Nov 16


Love is just a Firefly, a tiny flicker in the dark that’s unnoticed in the morning glare. It’s the darkness that makes the Firefly so luminously beautiful. As it flickers in the most mundane of places. And so does Love.