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This Blog is my mindscape, my musings, my thoughts, my ramblings and my life. A mélange of the urban, regional, global, quirky, sedate, individual views on Life as I see it.. in and around Kolkata or my Calcutta… My India….A little reminiscence, a lot of observations…


Of Rakhis and Smiles

The 9 yr old flashed his faux-diamond studded scarlet Rakhi and narrated how his sister could not find any Rakhi at the shops around her hostel .Then she found a friend selling these at the hostel. It had come by courier he announced with a proud smile as he held out his wrist for appreciation.

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Whats in a Book?

A bunch of papers with a bunch of letters… words…sentences… paragraphs… Chapters…Characters… Conjuring People, celebrating Life, evoking Emotions and teleporting Places/Spaces …making us think, rethink, learn,unlearn, cry, cringe, laugh, smirk or relax … the myriad faces of an addiction called Books!!


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Kolkata’s stormy Nor’westers

How I envied the toddler sitting on the car roof with his father holding him as both looked skyward enjoying the first spell of the Kal-baishaki(the Nor’westers)…the moment froze in my mind as the auto whizzed me past … As the windswept pelting rain chased each other in the halo of passing headlights…as the thunder rolled..the lightning winked .. The wind howled… Hoardings & tin sheets shrieked… The leaves went berserk fluttering on the swaying trees…Dark alleyways… Power cut… Empty roads…people huddled under doorways…As I shivered in the back seat of the open auto in my summer clothes attacked by the icy wind and the rain spraying droplets… Instead of soaking in the rains..I was soaking … That envy was like a hot cup of soup..

Penned on 22April 2017

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